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Fear After Litherland Bea Litherland

Fear After

Litherland Bea Litherland

Published January 13th 2010
ISBN : 9781440170799
108 pages
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 About the Book 

Fear After is the title poem in a deeply personal, engrossing, and poignant collection presenting a journey through the authors emotional being. The work is divided into four sections- reminiscence and nostalgia, nostalgia and despair, despair to hope and hope to calm. The poems illustrate the authors reflective mind richly coloured by deep, personal emotions, which as everything else in the world, are subject to the laws of change. Nostalgia easily descends into despair, despair with the help of the lightening quality of hope loosens its grip and allows the mind to resurface into serene calm, and the path of calm makes fear, once strong and powerful, able to be faced in a lighter, more humorous manner. The collection culminates, after all, to the state of fear after.