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Eville Books 1&2: Eville and Evilles Most Wanted Holand Peterson

Eville Books 1&2: Eville and Evilles Most Wanted

Holand Peterson

Kindle Edition
648 pages
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 About the Book 

Mad Scientists.Talking Brains in the Basement.Mutant Klepto Spiders.Psychotic Hunchbacks.Vampire Mafia.The End of the Universe.Just Another Day on the Job.Now you can enjoy the first two thrilling, hilarious and wildly imaginative books in the Eville saga for one low price!In Eville, ride along with perpetually unlucky Alex Hobbs as he attempts to adjust to living in a bizarre world lying just beyond the edges of modern society. The guy at the employment agency told him that he’d be working in as an entry level scientific/medical assistant far out of city limits. As the new employee for the arguably brilliant and certifiably mad scientist, Serene Necrosia, Alex quickly discovers this dream job is way more than he bargained for. Being trapped in a creepy, mysterious mansion, withstanding the constant abuse from Quasimoody, a fiery hunchback, and daily fighting off the advances of a thirty pound tarantula were not in the job description. Nor was there any mention of rampaging squid demons from another dimension, lethal inventions and the possible end to all things. Literally. Filled with quirky humor, bizarre characters and pulse-pounding action, Eville is certain to entertain from start to finish.The story continues in book two, Eville’s Most Wanted, where Alex, Serene and Quasimoody find themselves on the run after a catastrophic experiment. But it’s not just Daniel Hammett, the tough-as-nails Cyclops lawman, and his stoic assistant, Rafael Vega, that Alex and the gang need to worry about. The nefarious vampire mafia, the Cosa Nosferatu, goblin mercenaries and a mysterious assassin are all making a play for the fugitives as well, eager to use Serene’s discoveries for their own evil ends. Bullets will fly, goblins will croak and you’ll be left breathless as you join the heart-stopping chase that is Eville’s Most Wanted.