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Hybrid Earth Issue #1 Rustin Petrae

Hybrid Earth Issue #1

Rustin Petrae

Published September 28th 2013
27 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

In December of 2013 the latest weapon of mass destruction was created. It was called the nano-bomb. Scientist believed that by combining tiny, microscopic robots with a nuclear warhead, they would be able to direct and control the explosion. They were wrong. The first and last bomb was exploded into Earth’s stratosphere. When the irradiated nanobots came back down, they drifted across the entire globe and merged humans with whatever metal or machine they happened to be touching at the time. These combination human/machines were called Hybrids. Some of these creations were so powerful that a force, called the Hybrid Enforcement Agency, was created to police them and keep them in line.Hybrid Earth follows the story of HEA Officer Xander Hastings and his Orb, Link. Together they try to keep track of the chaos and make sure that innocent people arent caught in the crossfire. It’s a tough job, especially in a world where almost everyone has abilities and Officer Hastings has none. Yet, even though he is constantly overmatched against beings more powerful than himself, he still finds a way to get the job done.